Mistress Sombsa

About Me

I am a very strict Mistress who can be sadistic,
cruel, devious as well as caring and
compassionate, whatever takes my mood.

Dominating men is my passion and I love
being both sensual and cruel. I have a beautifull
l body and expect it to be worshipped.

The complete novice is very welcome as
helping someone to realise long held desires
and discover the wonderful world of BDSM
is a particular pleasure. The more experienced
player is, of course, just as welcome.

The males have been allowed to sit in the
driver's seat by tradition, not by accomplishment,
or because of any superlative ability.
It is well known that women are physically
superior......and are vastly superior sexually.

Some of us are born to rule, some are made
to obey and serve.....To worship and serve
Me is the only pleasure left in your
otherwise worthless life.

I am always interested in feedback so that we
can grow together in a trusting relationship.

I will dominate you with a smile, I'm a high

level sadist and I get my satisfaction on a
psychological level and in the psychological
challenge of the subject. I am Mistress Sombsa
playful princess; full of charm and allure,
or dark diva of domination who can unleash
your darkest desires... I will turn your
fantasies into reality and take you to
places you've only imagined in your
wildest dreams.

My slave most be: educated, creative,
imaginative, submissive, but not to the point
of loosing his individuality! Also, loyalty is
enormously important to me, I love above
all to make a true personal connection!
My studio is located in good area of Prague,
have two play-rooms fully equipped and can
host overnight extended session (which I
recommend from my experience!). I have
no time to waste on fakes!! Don't insult my
intelligence, I know all the types!! I have
a lot experience behind me..........
I don't have too much patience and I don't
want to waste my time on lies or liars!!!
For details and appointments
contact me